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Angry Birds Characters
Angry Birds Wall Stickers If your kids love the Angry Birds game, why not give them Angry Birds wall art for their bedroom. Size of Design: You can arrange the decals to suit your taste. The wording Angry Bird is 13cm high and 74cm wide..
Animals and Tree
Animals and Tree...... Custom Design A stunning animals and a tree design in muted tones. The whole design is 1.6m tall and 2.14m wide, however each animal is a separate sticker and you can place them where you wish. The sizes are as follows: L..
Birds & Flowers Wall Stickers
  Birds & Flowers Wall Stickers - Customisable Design Round flowers and tweeting birds will look lovely in a little girls room. When applied like the image, the design is 1.3m wide and 60cm tall.Tall flowers with tweeting birds are abo..
Birds and Flowers Decal
Birds, Cages and Flower Wall Stickers Beautiful decal for a little girl's room, with flowers, birds and bird houses. Size of Design: When the decal is applied to the wall in the displayed configuration, the approximate size is 1 meter w..
R220.00 R100.00
Branch & Flowers Wall Stickers
  Branch & Flowers Wall Stickers - Custom Design This stunning designs will look lovely on a bedroom wall. When applied like the image, the design is approx. 1.3m wide and 60cm tall. If you would like to change the colours or the ..
Flowers, Bird and Butterflies
  Flowers, Bird and Butterflies Customisable design A bird perched on a beautiful flower, surrounded by other flowers and butterflies. This is a customisable design and aspects such as the colours and size can be changed. If you would like..
Ladybird Border
Ladybird border wall sticker This Ladybird swirling animal border comes in strips of 1.2m wide and there are a total of 3 strips, making a total distance of 3.6 meters. The border is 15cm high. This is a custom order and aspects, such as the ..
Roblox Wall Art
Roblox Wall Stickers Any little Roblox gamers out there will love this logo on their wall. The design is 107cm wide and 60cm tall when assembled like the image.  Delivery: We delivery throughout South Africa. All wall stickers are ..
Surfer Boy
Surfer Boy wall sticker  - Custom Design A stunning custom design of a surfer boy and Palm Tree. This design is perfect for a boy who loves the beach and surfing. The surfer is 50m wide X 55cm tall and the palm tree i..
Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl wall sticker  - Custom Design A stunning custom design of a surfer girl and Palm Tree. This design is perfect for a girl who loves the beach and surfing. The surfer is 32cm wide X 57cm tall and the palm tree is..
Swallows Pattern Wall Art
Swallow pattern wall stickers - Custom Design An effective & novel way to decorate a lounge wall;  a nursery or a nature themed room. Decorate a large wall with these birds. You get  33 swallows in a pack. Th..
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