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Buildings and Cities

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  Buildings - Custom Design A bright collection of buildings, clouds and trees. A fun design for a classroom, child's bedroom or playroom. When applied as per the image the scene is 50cm high and 155cm wide, however the individual sti..
Carnival Fair Ground
Carnival Fair Ground Wall Sticker - Custom Design These bright and fun carnival or fairground theme wall stickers are something different. There are 9 brightly coloured stickers that you can place where you wish. The tent is 60cm ta..
Cartoon City
  Cartoon City Custom Design Beautifully illustrated street and housesto decorate a wall in your home. The colour & size can be changed. It will look gorgeous as a border. There are 5 stickers in this pack, each approximately 50cm..
Colourful Houses
Colourful Houses wall sticker - Custom Design These colourful houses make a lovely wall decoration for a playroom or bedroom. There are 7 brightly coloured houses, the tallest stands approzimately 60cm tall and all 7 houses, when pl..
Crane Height Chart
  Crane Code: 8370 Beautifully illustrated crane, digger, tree and person Size of Design: The crane is nearly a meter tall and the tree is about 50cm tall.Please see additional photographs for more information on sizing and design. ..
R300.00 R150.00
Fairy Castle Wall Sticker
  Fairy Castle Wall Sticker  Lovely fairy castle, with hearts; butterflies and flowers adorning it.The castle wall sticker is about 66cm tall and 60cm wide. It has a variety of smaller butterflies; flowers & hearts to pl..
Mickey Mouse and Friends City
  Colourful buildings with Mickey Mouse and Friends Wall Stickers Code: 1128 Lovely tall buildings wall stickers that create a mini city on your kid's wall, complete with characters from the Mickey Mouse Club House. Size of Design: T..
Nautical Border
Nautical Border wall sticker - Custom Design This nautical border comes in strips of 1.2m wide and there are a total of 3 strips, making a total distance of 3.6 meters. The fun nautical border is 15cm high. This is a custom order and asp..
Nautical Lighthouse
Nautical Lighthouse wall sticker - Custom Design This lighthouse is perfect for a little sailor. It stands 1.2m high and is 44cm wide at the base. Compliment this wall stiicker with the Nautical Border. This is a custom order and aspects, suc..
Road and vehicle wall art
Road and City Wall Stickers - Customisable design This fun design will make any little boy's room look fantastic. The whole design is 2.3m wide and 1.2m tall. All of the elements are separate stickers so you can place them where you, or your child..
Sea Theme  Border
Sea Theme Border wall sticker - Custom Design This sea theme  border comes in strips of 1.2m wide and there are a total of 3 strips, making a total distance of 3.6 meters. This classy nautical border is 15cm high. This is a custom o..
Windmill wall sticker - Custom Design Thiswindmill is perfect for a blank wall in your home. It stands 1.7m high and is 1m wide. This is a custom order and aspects, such as the colours can be changed. Please note that this custom de..
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